Black Ops Pro Guide 1.4

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The most advanced Black Ops app on the market and only one backed by OpticGaming

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Black Ops VC Pro is hands down the most advanced Black Ops guide ever put on an iPhone/iPod Touch. "Mike Carr OPTIC GAMING"

What sets BOVC Pro apart from the rest ? Easy we are competitive gamers ourselves and know what needs to be featured an app. That wasn't enough we decided to partner with two of the biggest companies in aftermarket gaming gear: Kontrol Freek and Evil Controllers. We didn't stop there, we wanted to take it even further so we sponsored Optic Gaming the #1 Call of Duty Pro Team. We offer features you WILL NOT find in any other gaming guide anywhere GUARANTEED!


VC Stands for Virtual Coach and thats what this app is. With features designed to help a gamer understand each aspect of the game and help them destroy the competition. We're not a rip off app that charges .99 cents to tell you the same gun stats you see in the game and a ton of other useless info. We found out the actual damage numbers and shots to kill. We have tested all the weapons and know more about Black Ops than the competition. Black Ops VC Pro is the most advanced game guide ever created and has more features than a Swiss Army Knife on Steroids. Here is a list of features, we have limited space so check out for a full run through of features in action.

★ Features:
★ Advanced Gun Stats (Bullets to kill, recoil and a professional write up with pros and cons of each weapon)
★ Perks
★ Equipment
★ Killstreaks
★ Attachments
★ Gamer Lounge Chat Room (The most advanced chat room ever used in a game guide)
★ Strategies Database (With over 1000 strategies, tips, tricks, hacks, glitches and cheats. The Strategies Database allows you to post your our strategies for the world to see)
★ Team Builder (Recruit and join teams and clans right in the app, and now the ability to private chat!)
★ Match Finder (Find hundreds of games to play with other BOVC users right in the app or host your own game, and now the ability to private chat!)
★ Gamer Profile (Edit your BOVC gamer profile for the world to see)
★ Optic Gaming Pro Page (With hundreds of hours of videos including tips and exclusive montages)
★ HD Maps (Check out the birds eye view in HD of each map in the game. First Strike Map Pack included)
★ Route Tracer (Draw on the HD maps so your team knows right where to go)
★ BOVC user savings (Over $20 worth of discounts in the top of the line gaming gear)
★ Full Create A Class (Make your own class right in the app or view one of the pre made classes from the Pros)
★ Title & Emblems
★ Gametype Specific Pro Strategies
★ Wager Match Pro Tips
★ Theater Mode (Watch hours of HD videos or upload your own for others to see)
★ Full Zombies guide (The most in-depth zombies guide ever featured in an app)
★ Pack a Punch Weapons (Full description of each upgraded gun in Zombies)
★ Tournaments (Sign up for BOVC Pro tournaments)
★ Forums (Stay ahead of the competition with BOVC Pro forums)
★ News Feed
★ Giveaways

Plain and simple Black Ops VC Pro isn't a game guide its like having a Virtual Coach in your room.

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OS:Android 1.6 and up

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